Inaugural Concert as City of Bath Brass Band 2019

Inaugural Concert

On 12th October, we changed our name to become City of Bath Brass Band. The band has changed its name in order to clarify and develop our links with the City and the Mayor of Bath, the Band’s Patron as they move towards our centenary in 2021.

Band Chairman Ken Ash said, “We hope that by becoming City of Bath Brass Band, we will establish closer links with the City which we love and develop a stronger identity. Since Bath Spa University became such a large organisation, we have found that many members of the public become confused and think we are a University ensemble. We are in fact, a community brass band, in existence for 98 years and have members from all walks of life as well as Bath two Universities. We want to make sure we are as inclusive as possible moving forwards towards our centenary in 2021”

The evening was a great success with both the main band and Training Band entertaining the audience with some great music.

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