Privacy Policy


1. Introduction

The City of Bath Brass Band (the COBBB), which incorporates Main Band and Training Band, is required to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This policy explains what Personal Data the COBBB stores, how it uses that information and what rights members have.

The COBBB GDPR Policy will be published on the City of Bath Brass Band website and all information will be deemed to cover both the Main Band and Training Band (referred to jointly as “The COBBB”).

2. Membership Information

The COBBB stores and uses Personal Data (see Paragraph 5 of this document) solely for the purposes of legitimate use and administration of:

  1. a) Management of the band (Contacts, Subscriptions, Delivery of information from the Committee, Newsletters, 100 Club, and Fundraising);
  2. b) Organising events (Contests, Engagements, Meetings and social gatherings).

Personal Data will not be shared with any other third parties.

Members are required to confirm agreement that the COBBB is authorised to…

  1. a) Store their Personal Data; and
  2. b) Maintain a soft/electronic copy of Personal Data in a secure manner. This soft/electronic copy will be updated periodically throughout the membership Year with the Personal Data of new members and, for example, with new contact details for existing members.

The COBBB will collect Personal Data from new members on joining. All members will be asked to confirm agreement that their Personal Data can be stored at the time of joining.

3. Membership Database

The COBBB stores Personal Data in a Membership Database which is password protected.

The band has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

The Membership Database is only available to specifically named members of the Committee: this list will be held by the Secretary.

All paper copies of Personal Data will be kept securely (under lock & key).

4. Financial Data

Members’ Financial Data is not required to be provided for Membership Renewal.

Stored Financial Data is used solely for the administration of The COBBB for purposes of reimbursing members for expenditure on behalf of the COBBB (e.g. fees, miscellaneous purchases, agreed costs).

Financial data is stored securely in the COBBB’s bank’s online list of Payees and is only available to the Treasurer, Chairman and Secretary.

5. Personal Data – Definition and Use

Personal Data means data that is subject to GDPR, and includes information used for the purpose of allowing members of the COBBB to be able to contact other members.

A full list of Personal Data currently held by the COBBB is as follows…

  1. a) Name(s) of member
    b) Postal Address
    c) Telephone Contact Number (home, daytime , mobile)
    d) E Mail Address
    e) Instrument(s) played with the COBBB
    f) Subscription method (DD or other)
    g) 100 Club member (Yes/No)
    h) Consent to GDPR
  2. For COBBB members aged under 18 years old, Personal Data will be held (with consent) both for the member and, for safeguarding reasons, those of their parent or guardian.

6. Legacy Data

If a member resigns or leaves The COBBB for any reason their Personal Data will be kept for up to 6 months before being removed from the Membership Database, with the exception of their name and contact details which will be retained for archive purposes.

7. Your Rights

Members have the right, at any time, to see the information that the COBBB holds on them. A request should be made in writing to the Secretary. A member has the right to complain to the Information Commissioners’s Office (ICO) if they believe there is a problem with the COBBB’s handling of their data which cannot be resolved directly.

Details of the ICO are at

8. Associated Consent Form

The following Consent Form should be read in conjunction with this COBBB GDPR Policy Document:

City of Bath Brass Band – GDPR Consent Form (31 August 2018)

Please pass all questions and enquiries regarding GDPR to:
Jonathan Rowe, Membership Secretary and Data Protection Officer, City of Bath Brass Band
Email:; Telephone: 07795 967905